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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Thank You Mr. Drudge

Where would we be without Matt Drudge? I hear it all the time from various traditional news outlets how the 'muckraking reporter' Drudge is biased, inaccurate, etc., etc. Well why then don't we see pictures like this next to those of prisoner abuse, Mr. Objective-Unbiased-Pure-Innocent-Godly Journalist? Where are the stories of soldiers individually, and the armed forces collectively, doing good? How about stories of improvements in the oil infrastructure? Why no in-depth accounts of this story? We see Ted Koppel reading a laundry list of soldiers who have died, but we get no comment on what they're fighting for. How about simple observations of what Iraqis themselves think of us? Try this and this on for size.

The list goes on and on, and obviously these stories are out there. But where? They're certainly not above the fold in the New York Times, Washington (com)Post, LA anything, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. When these fine 'news organizations' do carry positive stories, they're buried on page 8 or after the 3rd commerical break. They're barely even on Fox News with the exception of the amazing Ollie North. I will never forget an interview Ollie did during the invasion. He had a Private standing next to him and he asked this young man:

-Back home we've been hearing how you don't have the supplies or support you need. Do you need more water?
-No sir.
-Do you need more food?
-No sir.
-Do you need more ammo?
-No sir.
-What do you need?
-Just keep sending more enemy sir!

This young man will never forget, will you?


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