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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Baseball Advertising Gone Wild

With all the very serious and often terrible things going on in the world I almost hesitate to comment on this. However, baseball is hands down my favorite sport to watch…and it got Ralph Nader’s and Congress' attention, so it must be important.

Apparently, Major League Baseball has decided to sell some new advertising space…on the actual bases themselves. Specifically, they plan to advertise Spiderman II on the traditionally white bags.

I happen to be a hardcore free market type, but this goes too far. To be completely honest, I am being neither fair nor consistent here…but I just don’t give a good gard dang. It’s bad enough that I have to see Poweraide written on the dugout railings every time the camera tries to get a shot of some guy picking his nose. Now I’ve got to see Spiderman II while watching a base runner adjust some protective gear? This has simply gone too far as is beginning to distract from the important parts of the game.

I am under no illusions that MLB is a pure enterprise. As much as A-Rod might love the game…he’s making more money than all my friends life-earnings put together will likely add up to. But I’m still entitled to my fantasies that they’re all playing for the love of the game.

In the end I’m sure that the $$ will carry the day and I’ll shut up and watch the game in any case. I just hope that, with all the advertising, I can still concentrate on the gleam of spikes aimed at some innocent middle infielder trying to turn two.


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