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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Scary Outlook On Life

Here is a perfect example of a scary outlook on abortion and here is my response. It is this sort of argument that I find absolutely incomprehensible. How can anyone honestly take the position that:

…the fact that there are half a million children in the foster care system. a foster care system that is severely under-funded and overworked. even if we assume that the pregnancy is allowed to continue and the mother gives it up for adoption, the child isn't guaranteed a life full of sunshine and happiness.

Who among us is guaranteed a life full of sunshine and happiness? Anyone out there have a contract attached to their birth certificate entitling them to sunshine and happiness throughout life? No? I don’t seem to have one either.

Probably the most chilling paragraph of this comment was the closing one.

not that it will matter to anyone who is pro-life, but above everything else, any label i or anyone else attaches to me, i am a child advocate, both professionally and in my personal life. my calling, if i may use that word, is to look after the well-being of children. and sometimes, sadly, in this world we live in, the best thing that can happen in the life of a child, is for the mother to terminate the pregnancy.

This person may not be suicidal, but I would have to venture a guess that she is quite a pessimist. The idea that her unhappy outlook on life should be used as an excuse to condone and promote the brutal murder of the unborn is so amazingly wrong that I have no words to express my horror. Does anyone out there smell eugenics?


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