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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Conflict Of Interest? What Conflict Of Interest

Seriously, between former Clinton JD people on the 9/11 Commission and this story about the UN Oil-For-Influence program I wonder if anyone cares about COI's at all anymore. Wait, maybe it's just liberal, multicultural, internationalists who don't care...as long as it serves their purposes.

Money Quote:

Both letters — as well as a third one made public earlier this week to Saybolt Corp. (search), an inspection agency hired by the United Nations to monitor the loading of Iraqi oil — remind the companies of their contractual confidentiality agreements. For example, the April 2 Cotecna letter says all documents and data "shall be the property of the United Nations, shall be treated as confidential and shall be delivered only to United Nations authorized officials."

All three of these letters came from Sevan, who ran the oil-for-food program and who is accused of personally profiting $3.5 million through alleged illegal oil transactions.

I rest my case.


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