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Friday, May 14, 2004

Hannity Comes Closest

Sean has apparently played the unedited audio of the Nick Berg video, and for the right reasons. Not only that, but he (as usual) has done so in the right way:

May 14, 2004 -- SEAN Hannity bucked the rest of the media yesterday and played the horrifying audio from the videotaped beheading of Nick Berg on his radio show.


"I think people need to know what we're dealing with - it's evil right before your eyes," said Hannity, the Fox News Channel personality whose syndicated radio show is based at WABC (770 AM).

"These people want to kill all Americans, not just this poor kid, Nick Berg," Hannity told The Post.

The high-rated talker said he gave listeners "ample time to tune out with a full and complete disclaimer.

"I counted down from 10 and said I didn't want to hear any complaints," he said.

Sean, thank you for doing the job of the Big Media Outlets...and for doing the job right.


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