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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Media Boycott of Nick Berg

Much to their determent the big media outlets have abandoned any sense of honest reporting by dropping the story of Nick Berg like a hot rock. As usual, Glenn over at Instapundit has done a wonderfully link-rich job of doumenting this sadly predictable phenomenon.

I think Neil Boortz hits it on the head (via Instapundit):

This morning in most of the newspapers I scanned during my preparation for the show the top story was still the Iraqi prison abuse scandal. Nick Berg had already disappeared from many front pages, but the prison abuse stories remain. May I suggest to you that there is a reason for this? Maybe it's just this simple: The prison abuse scandal can damage Bush, the Nick Berg story can only help him. Given the choice many editors will chose the stories that serve their cause, getting Bush out of the White House, rather than one that hurts it.

Humm...who'd a thunk it? The Media might have an agenda? Get out!

Totally aside from the terrible disservice these elitists are doing all of us, they are perpetrating an even great injustice on Nick Berg himself. Here's a guy who put himself in a dangerous place. He didn't do it for the thrill, he didn't do it for the money. By all accounts he was a good-hearted guy who had been to many troubled places in the world and worked to bring impoverished people the benefits of technology.

The sad thing, to me, is now his family is blaming President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld for directly causing his sons death. I hesitate to make any judgments about what this family does right now. They have just had a video of their son being brutally executed transmitted around the world. I have absolutely not concept of what they must be going through. However, in the name of fairness and honesty, the accusation that Bush or Rummy had anything to do with their son's death is absolutely absurd.

Even if all their claims are true. Even if Nick Berg was held illegally by our forces, there is absolutely no proof I have seen supporting the idea that he would have immediately left the country. By all accounts, he had put himself into a dangerous situation and I see no indication that he was on his way out (as evidenced here). However, even if he would have left immediately, the idea that our forces (let alone Bush and Rummy) directly contributed (let alone directly caused) this poor guy’s death is absolutely absurd.

My heart goes out to the Berg family. I truly hope that they find peace in the midst of this awful, unspeakable evil. I also hope with all my heart that they find the strength to support the cause that there son supported and which unfairly took his life.

God bless the Nick Bergs of the world. May this man’s life reaffirm our faith in humanity and may his death steel our spines.


One Hand Clapping agrees. Give it a read.


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