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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Ripples Turn Into Waves

The death of Nick Berg was awful, and it rightly demands our attention for his personal sake alone.

However, the media's refusal to show us the footage has had the amazing effect of bringing people to blogs who probably had never even known about them previously. I hesitated linking to this earlier because of the potential of being seen as a mercenary. I, however, do not advertise for my own financial benefit, so I hope that my motives will not be questioned. So take a look at what Paul at Wizbang has to say about the situation. I think he's got it mostly right.

Go see the effects that some of the world's worst and most violent events have had on where people get their news in the ever-developing internet age. Whether or not Big Media gets smart and decides to actually serve the interests of the public is yet to be seen. Regardless, Bloggers are here to pick up the slack and provide a forum that had previously not existed.


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