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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Chalk One Up For The Bad Guys

Junk Yard Blog has some commentary on the fallout of the Abu Ghraib scandal. Here's a bit:

Our troops probably have instructions to try and capture as many insurgents as possible so that we can learn about their support network, their funding, anything they may know that can help us put down these terrorist militias. But what good is catching these guys if you can't interrogate them in a way that puts pressure on them to talk? These terrorists don't fight according to the Geneva Conventions and are therefore not by law required to be held according to GC standards. We are allowed to interrogate them in ways outside the GC. That doesn't mean we should torture them--as I said, we shouldn't. But we should pressure them in harmless ways to get information from them.

He's probably right, technically, about the Geneva Convention issue...and he obviously doesn't support torture. The thing that JYD seems to leave out here is the pivotal role for the Media in all of this. Without the manufactured, prolonged and out of context outrage at the atrocities and torture, where would we be right now? I’d venture a guess that military justice would be moving forward and the guilty would be on their way towards punishment.

Unfortunately, since the Media has taken an active (and biased) role in blowing these pictures out of proportion we now have our military giving in to pressure and, as JYD rightly points out, placing our men and women in additional danger.

Those of you in the Media reading this should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves. Not only have you blown a story way out of context, actively ignored a far more important story (Nick Berg), but also that you’ve actually done everything in our power to give the bad guys the upper hand. You should absolutely know that you now must shoulder a portion of the blame when our soldiers die because they are unable to get necessary information out of the bad guys because we might -sniffle- make them uncomfortable!

I find it quite upsetting that the very people who once passionately opposed Vietnam because our soldiers were dying then are taking actions that will surely lead to soldiers deaths now. Truly unbelievable.


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