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Friday, May 14, 2004


The Blogosphere has been absolutely pummeled by people looking for the Nick Berg video. From everything I've seen, people are looking for this ghastly footage for the right reasons. I have offered the link by request (email) due to the alternate site's content, and thus far it seems people are interested in this video for honorable reasons.

To my knowledge Wizbang was the first to offer this video and the response has been absolutely astounding. Take a look at their most recent post on the number of hits coming over the past few days (my own numbers have jumped from 22 on 5/11 to 2,182 on 5/13 and 1,308 today).

I think this will send a message to the Media. However, I'm not sure what message they'll actually get. Will they see their own shortcomings and adjust their actions in the future? Or will they look down on the Bloggers as mercenaries out looking for shock value and lusting after hit totals?

Either way, the People have spoken. Given a choice, people have decided (each of his or her own free will) that they want to see the Truth...unfiltered and unedited. I, for one, am grateful for the efforts of all who have worked to keep their servers up and running...and who are currently footing the bandwidth bill.

So, thank you Wizbang and everyone else who has provided an invaluable service to all those seeking the Truth.


Backcountry Conservative also has a few links to the Berg video.


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