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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Absolutely Unhinged

All right. I’ve had just about enough of the Abu Ghraib nonsense. There were a lot of bad things that went on there. The people who did those bad things need to be punished. But this goes well beyond the pale:

ABU GHRAIB, Iraq — On the eve of the first court-martial in the Iraq prisoner abuse scandal, relatives of those still held at Abu Ghraib prison (search) said Tuesday the only suitable punishment would be death -- illustrating the potential gap in expectations in the case.

Umm…I would certainly agree that there just might be a pit of a “potential gap in expectations” here. Jeeze. So far, even the Red Cross has labeled some of these acts as, "tantamount to torture.” Notice the first word, the definition of which is not actually.

Now, I understand this to some extent:

The U.S. military hopes the presence in the courtroom of such prominent Arab media as the Al-Arabiya and Al-Jazeera television networks will demonstrate American resolve to determine who was responsible for the abuse and punish the guilty.

However, Al-Jazeera is nothing more than an anti-American propaganda machine…and a pretty effective one at that. Does anyone honestly believe that the people running that station are going to just play representative segments of the trials? Humm, I’ll put my money on them cutting the living daylights out of the footage and then following it up with some nutjob ‘analyst’ who will ‘objectively’ point out that America is the Great Satan.

What a freaking mess.


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