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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Sky Is Falling (Again)

Amazing, I had no idea that we were in such trouble because of the recent increase in gas prices. Here's what Kerry had to say:

"Yesterday, gas prices soared to more than $2 a gallon, but this administration still has not done anything to help" Kerry said. "Their inaction is costing working Americans their jobs, their savings and the opportunity to get ahead."

I hadn't realized it before, but he's right. I just dipped into my 401K early to pay for gas to get to work today. People must literally be unable to save money for the future because they no have to pay maybe an extra $40/month in gas ($0.50 * 80gallons/week). Ah, but...

Kerry said Oregon families had been particularly hard hit, paying $2.25 a gallon and adding $1,006 to their annual bills.

Right, if they had to pay $2.25/gallon for an entire year. But they haven't, and they most likely won't. Give me a break.

Here's Bush's stance on this issue:

Bush, a former Texas oilman, has adamantly refused to tap the stockpile. He contends the oil should be saved for possible supply disruptions, not to control prices. Kerry has not laid the specific conditions under which he would release oil from the SPR.

What an amazing idea. We should actually save our reserves for the most drastic of situations and not to implement some socialistic price-control scheme? Amazing. Sounds like someone has actually been involved in running a business while someone else has spent his entire life living off my taxes and his rich wives. Can you guess who is who?


Esoteric Diatribe has pointed out a Waffle on this very topic. Check it out.

Update 2:

AlphaPatroit also has some ideas on related topics.

Update 3:

Bush as made himself clear on this issue:

"We will not play politics with the Strategic Petroleum Reserve," Bush told reporters after a meeting with his Cabinet.

"The idea of emptying the Strategic Petroleum Reserve would put America in a dangerous position in the war on terror," Bush said.

He's absolutely correct. The Strategic Oil Reserve is just that, a reserve for Strategic purposes...not including -whimper- high oil prices...but including an OIL EMBARGO. How short does Kerry think our memories are? I wasn't even born during the last embargo...but I listen, think and manage to see through his and other's BS.

Update 4:

Amazing, the NYT has actually ripped Kerry a new one for his stance on the Oil Reserved (hat tip Junk Yard Blog)...and (wonder of wonders) has backed Bush's decision and past actions. Somebody check their DNA, body-snatchers must have taken over!


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