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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Berg Update

BAGHDAD (AFP) - Four people have been arrested over the beheading of US businessman Nicholas Berg, whose killing was shown earlier this month in a video on an Al-Qaeda linked website, a senior Iraqi source said.

Hopefully we're on the right track. We'll have to wait and see, I suppose.

Update (on the Update):

Yet another indicator that the Media has failed us:

Late last week, Web users became focused on seeking
out, finding, and watching the actual execution video and searches began
emerging for: find Nick Berg video, watch Nick Berg beheading, and Nick Berg
video link. Nick Berg-related searches are so prevalent that they dwarf all
other searches, including the consistent pop-culture leaders. Over the past
week, Nick Berg searches were 24 times higher than Britney Spears (#4), Paris
Hilton (#6), and Clay Aiken (#5).

This translated directly into the pummeling that a ton of blogs took. Although I'm more than happy to increase my readership (or it is bloggership?), I still say it stinks that the Media choose leave people uninformed. They failed this test terribly and the blogs filled in (esp, in my view, Wizbang and Backcountry Conservative).

Update 2:

More on the Media's serious shortcomings and biases over at Instapundit. I know I keep harping on this, but I think it's important and it will (by definition) never receive the sort of attention it deserves since the guilty parties aren't going to do it.


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