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Coverage of the Rally at New London's City Hall (w/ pics)

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Deserving of the NYC Greeting

You know the one...just a single finger salute.

These people amaze me. We hear nothing but how important the 9/11 Commission is. Then we hear that President Bush is derailing the whole thing by not answering questions. Then he (and Dick Cheney) answer questions and these worthless pieces of horse excrement WALK OUT!. Where does anyone get off directly insulting the President of the United States of America like that? Not to mention disrespecting the entire process of investigating the events leading to 9/11 and, by proxy, the very people who died that terrible day! How dare they!? I don't want to hear one more peep from those useless wastes of space Kerry and Hamilton. Not one more peep.


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