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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Open Access Journals

This a relatively new occurrence, made possible by the internet age. In the past (and currently), many journal subscriptions can be outrageously expensive. This means that you were/are quite restricted in accessing their papers. Recently, some publishers have started offering open access journals. Some defray overhead with an author-pays model while others rely on advertising. Aside from the general irritation of having advertisements on literally every other page, these journals seem decent enough from what I’ve seen.

Now, we have some preliminary evidence that people are reading and citing papers published by these open access journals. What this means for the industry is still quite murky, but it would seem that we can expect some serious competition in the near future. If it turns out that authors want to ensure that their papers are read by the most people possible, they might very well come to the conclusion that a free journal is going to reach a wider audience than a traditional journal. One thing that is almost for certain is that we’re likely to see journal subscription rates decline. In addition, we might very well see the continuation of the beginning of the end of paper journals. Obviously, one way to significantly decrease costs is to go electronic, and journals with a huge price tag might very well need to reduce costs to stay competitive.


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