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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Koppel To Highlight War Causalities

It appears that Ted Koppel is going to devote his half-hour show to reading the names and showing the pictures of all service men and women killed in action in Iraq. I think this is something that could be done in such a way that is totally appropriate and rightly honors our troops who have paid the ultimate price. The source of the images is a website called Faces of Valor.

First off, I sincerely that Mr. Koppel manages to do this in the most respectful way possible and truly honors our fallen soldiers.

In addition, I think that the very idea of such a tribute indicates something that most people either miss entirely, or are too timid to actually point out. In either case, I’ll do it for them here.

To date, in just over a year of war and post war, we have approximately 500 soldiers killed in action. Each and every one of those deaths saddens me, and should never be forgotten. And while this is very much the case, the very fact that Mr. Koppel can even conceive of broadcasting the image and name of each individual killed in action in more than a year of fighting gives some indication of just how successful we have been. Imagine attempting to conduct such a tribute after any given year of fighting in Vietnam, Korea or WWII. Impossible.

The very fact that this tribute is even conceivable is an indication that we are winning (see here for a very much related reason that we will win). I sincerely hope that we incur zero casualties from here on out. Although I know full well this is impossible, we must be sure that the past, current and future sacrifices are not in vain. Please, keep the faith, support our troops and support our President.


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