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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Popular Uprising, huh?

Who would have guessed? Could it possibly be that the holdovers still fighting against us in Iraq aren't just common folk? Here's a taste:

The report does not imply that every guerrilla taking up arms against the Americans is under the command of the M-14, nor that every Iraqi who dances atop a charred Humvee is inspired by a former Iraqi intelligence agent. But the assessment helps explain how only a few thousand insurgents, with professional leadership from small numbers of Mr. Hussein's intelligence services and seasoned military officer corps, could prove to be such a challenge to the American occupation. "They carefully laid plans to occupy the occupiers," said one United States government official who has read the report. "They were prepared to try and hijack the country. The goal was to complicate the stabilization mission, and democratization."

Could anyone have guessed this before the war? Some would say yes, and blame President Bush personally for not foreseeing these pre-laid plans. I would argue that the world's intelligence failed us on, what should have been, much more obvious matters and that it was nearly impossible to have foreseen such coordinated terrorism and outright resistance.

Read the whole thing.


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