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Friday, June 24, 2005


A Human Face And Human Help

[Welcome to all of you coming from Protein Wisdom or INDC Journal. I hope you will take a minute to find out what's going on in New London, CT because if this abuse of government power is allowed to stand, none of us are safe. Lots more info here.

Also a big thank you to Michelle for the link and welcome to her readers.

Some info on what you can do about all this and my trip to New London for a 1st hand look around.]

All right, now that my blood pressure is approaching normal again here's what I'm thinking.

There is already a ton of well-reasoned opinion out there regarding the impunity of the Supreme Court in deciding that it's ok for the government to take one's private property and give it to somebody else for commercial gain. I don't think I have the expertise to add much in that realm.

So, what I would like to do is put a human face to this story, and perhaps to provide some human help to the victims of an over-reaching government. I do not presume to know anything at all about Susette Kelo or anyone else involved in bringing suit against the city of New London. I would, however, like to do what I can to help. Along those lines I propose a two-pronged strategy.

1) Put a human face to the victims. If anyone out there happens to know any of the people whose homes are at risk, I ask that you discreetly inquire as to whether or not he or she would like my/our help in the first place. If s/he answers in the affirmative, we can go from there. (As a side note, I realize that my reach in the blogosphere in pretty limited. I do, however, have a personal assurance from at least one big-time blogger promising help in reaching a larger audience.)

2) Provide material assistance to those who need it upon being removed from their homes. While I do not personally have the funds available to make much of an impact, I would be more than willing to organize a donation drive in the blogosphere (and beyond) to help out where we can. For the record, I would rather not handle any money myself, but I would be more than willing to help disseminate information that would facilitate people sending what help they can.

I know this is all rather vague, but I'm a little out of my element here. So, if you happen to share my sentiments on this travesty and you have experience with this sort of thing, this is your cue to step up to the plate and drop me an email.


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