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Monday, July 12, 2004


Who Cares?

Extra! Extra! Ron Reagan is going to speak at the Democratic Convention!

LOS ANGELES - (KRT) - In a move sure to embarrass Republicans, Ron Reagan will address the Democratic National Convention this month.
Wait, who cares? How will this possibly "embarrass Republicans"? After all, Ron is:

A registered independent who has long been an outspoken political liberal...
What about this could possibly embarrass anyone, and who is surprised? Isn't one of America's greats qualities that the Son (or Daughter [PC preemption]) is not held responsible for the Father's (or Mother's) sins?! The oft-forgotten inverse is also true: The Son is not credited with the Father's accomplishments.

If Ron Reagan wants to disavow his father's accomplishments and political philosophy, he is perfectly with in his rights to do so. And further, no one should really give a flying crap, let alone be embarrassed by it.


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