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Monday, July 12, 2004


Road of a Nation on Moore

Sarmad Zangna's blog, Road of a Nation features a great post on F9/11 (hat tip The Red Hunter).

He's not happy with Moore, and I say: Good for him! Here's a bit:

Mr. MICHAEL MOORE, what will be your reaction after several years, when you see a free country and a modern and civil one? That we should say thank you to the brave men who did that, or see your "cut and paste" movie, or sue you for being an imposter?
Your troops will be home as soon as they have done their job. This is a promise from Iraqis.
I have talked with many soldiers. They were happy to work here. Some of them even say, "Iraq is our home. We work to rebuild it."
Definitely read this post. Then compare Sarmad's insider's view of Iraq both pre- and post-Saddam to what so many naysayers in this country (and around the world) think. Humm...I wonder which is more accurate?

Also, be sure to check out the pictures at the end of the post. This is one of my favorites...

I wouldn't want to mess with either of these guys. Before long, the one in the foreground will not be necessary. Then what will the anti-Liberation/Freedom crowd say? Posted by Hello

And...if you think all Iraqis hate us, try this post on for size.


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