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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Nick Berg

Wizbang has the video of Nick Berg being beheaded. I am currently experiencing technical difficulties in obtaining the file. Regardless...

Although I have no doubt that this video will prove to be quite disturbing, I think we should not shrink from seeing such images. They represent reality and we should know what sort of animals we're up against. How can we truly know our enemy if we are unwilling to see him for what he is?

It seems that our level of economic success in this country has allowed us to remove ourselves from reality in too many cases. Other people do our hunting for us. Other people farm for us. Other people even compete at sporting events for us. I’m as guilty as anyone in these respects; I don’t hunt, farm or play professional sports. I’m afraid, however, that too many people are either blind to this phenomenon or simply willing to accept it. In either case, we should not shy away from facing reality, even when it’s horribly ugly. When I am able, I fully intend to watch this video.

I hope that everyone will carefully consider their own choices and the reasons behind them. If you choose to not watch this video that is your right, but remember that you’re sacrificing as a result.


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