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New London Update (2/24/06)
Coverage of the Rally at New London's City Hall (w/ pics)

Friday, June 24, 2005


Outrage Builds

I was glad to see this morning that there is a decent amount of outrage out there regarding the Supreme Court's unconstitutional decision yesterday. Michelle Malkin has a post with a huge set of links that I highly recommend. One of the links is to the Institute of Justice. There piece quotes a few homeowners who were part of the suit that 5 brain-dead piles of steaming horse manure just betrayed.

Susette Kelo, one of the homeowners challenging eminent domain abuse, said, “I was in this battle to save my home and, in the process, protect the rights of working class homeowners throughout the country. I am very disappointed that the Court sided with powerful government and business interests, but I will continue to fight to save my home and to preserve the Constitution.”
While I laude the sentiment...I ask, How? These citizens have taken their case to the highest court in the land and been defeated. How will the continue to fight? Will they petition their Congressmen? Will they try to get the attention of the President? What? I think it's a well-established fact that no one in this country is willing to take on the Supreme Court. When the Court hands down a ruling that is unconstitutional, who has the power to correct them? Any ideas? The fact is that under the current perversion of the Constitution, no one has that power.

Michelle points to Jeff at Protein Wisdom, who suggests almost exactly what we need to do:

Personally, I’m for starting a cyber support group for the New Londoners who are planning a show of civil disobedience when the bulldozers tractor up to the doors of their homes. Anybody else?
Yes, a cyber support group is a great idea, but what we really need are people to stand up in the real word too, physically. Who out there lives close enough to help these people? If you do, drop me an email.


Also check out Wizbang's post.

INDC heard something on CNN that I was unaware of:

Apparently, this will be the second time that one of the homeowners in New London, Connecticut has had his home taken from him by the area's local government. The first instance took place 35 years ago, when the city declared eminent domain in order to build a seawall - a seawall that was never built.
From JYB:

Maybe American and Chinese property owners can unite online to protest. I wonder if Google, Yahoo and Microsoft would open up their ChiCom government-friendly freedom filters to allow that kind of subversive communication?
As always, indepth analysis of the underlying issues from Left2Right.


This'll frost your butt:

So I'll just add--temperately enough, I hope--that I thought the purpose of the Bill of Rights was to create rights that would be protected from the government, so that we wouldn't have to rely on the honor system of the government to do the right thing, but had rights that would be enforced. (emphasis added)
Ab-sol-ute-ly n-o-t!

The Bill of Rights did not create anything. The Bill of Rights enumerated God-given rights that we each possess by the very fact that we are human beings! I cannot believe I read this on the Volokh Conspiracy!


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