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Friday, October 08, 2004



Bottom line: Bush did absolutely great.

Kerry came across as smooth as always...but Bush did great.

Amazing last question, huh? Something like: Mr. Bush, please list and explain to me and the country three instances in which you F-ing-Kerry-ed up.

For the record, Bush knocked that totally unfair and BS question out of the proverbial park. First he said: Yes, I make a lot of decisions that affect a lot of people. Then he said: Of course I am will to take responsibility for any mistakes I've made. Then he show perfect insight and took the fight to the enemy with the best response of the night: When people ask questions like that I think they're trying to get at the big decisions I've made, Iraq and tax cuts. I don't regret them at all. As a matter of fact I stand by them and believe strongly that they were correct. In other words, while I am going to address your question, I reject the premise of it as unbelievably biased and totally unbalanced with a similar question posed to the long-faced dude to my Left...and so I'm going to reiterate my stances on those very important issues...bite me.

I have a few questions of my own. First, who the hell ok'ed that question? Second, who decided it would be the last question of the night? Third, who decided that this questions not be asked: Sen. Kerry, please describe three instances in your 20-year Senate career in which you made a decision you regret.

Does anyone want to argue that the last question was not horribly biased?! Anyone?

Fortunately, Bush really did use that particular instance of adversity to show how quickly and perfectly he can rise to a challenge. Although there were plenty of great answers (most of which I'm too tired to go into right now, I would say that for his response of the last question alone, he won the debate.

And before I hit the sack I have to mention my favorite line of the night (and there were a few): "That response almost made me want to scowl." He had me rolling on the floor =).

(And need I mention the contrast between that and Kerry's painfully lame attempt Red Sox humor in St. Louis? I didn't think so.).


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