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Wednesday, August 04, 2004



To Much Information!

I thought John F-ing Kerry was going to hold off telling us about his economic plan until after November election. What's going on here:

Democrats Vow to Cut Deficit by 50% in Four Years


"We have to get back to being fiscally responsible," the Massachusetts senator told an enthusiastic audience in an old hockey arena. "Here's the pledge that John Edwards and I have made: We've laid out a plan that will help us reduce the deficit in half over the first four years of our administration."
But, but...he said he wasn't going to tell us his plan. This to much. Information overload!

Kerry advisers again challenged that assertion Tuesday by issuing a balance sheet that they said showed that over the next decade, his programs would generate about $365 billion more in revenue than they would require in spending.
But as the article points out:

But those estimates would require significant changes in the tax code winning passage in Congress and are based on other assumptions that may prove challenging to a Kerry presidency.


Independent budget analysts said privately Tuesday that a Kerry administration would have trouble enacting all the changes in the tax code, given the power of special interests in Congress.


Kerry advisers outlined several other steps designed to constrain spending, including a pledge to enact a constitutionally sound line-item veto...
Unfortunately for Mr. Kerry, the Supreme Court has already found line-item vetoes to be unconstitutional (although I have to say that if Anthony Scalia is in favor of it and Sen. Byrd (D-KKK) is against it, it's probably a good idea).

In any case, the fact is that even a cursory glance at Kerry's plan via a news article makes it painfully obvious that is, at best, unlikely to succeed and, at worst could prove to be a horrible failure.

Maybe he should have stuck to the I'll tell you when I'm elected thing.


Speaking of TMI...I just ran into an interesting list at Just Some Poor Schmuck compiled by typing Kerry promises into Google (via Random Nuclear Strikes). Wow...lots of promises. He must not only be Superman...but he must also have one of those trees that you can harvest money from (oh...THK).

Yet More:

Allah, You Da Man!

On A Slightly Different Topic:

Marcland has some interesting info...and they accuse Bush of managing crowds in his favor...humm...


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