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Sunday, August 15, 2004


Great Post On Anti-Americanism

Wandering Mind has a fabulous post on Anti-Americanism (the post is also featured at Homespun's Best Of round up). I think that his conversation with his European friend really gets to the heart of the matter:

He went on to explain. Europeans, he said, dislike Americans because, in a short period of human history, went on to surpass Europe in being the center of global influence. What was even worse, was that America was built by European 'garbage' as he put it.
That's exactly right. It was the unwanted, huddled masses of humanity who left a miserable existence in Europe (risking everything) for the chance to build a new and better life in America. And in only a few short years (around 200, to ballpark it) they did exactly that.

What we really have in Europe these days is a bunch of people who dislike/hate us just for being what all human beings want to be: free to choose our own destiny...and they're pissed because we're so damn successful. Sad really...and I think Alex is exactly right:

...my host asked if I understood why Europeans were so anti American. At first, I was very much on the defensive-- at first. Maybe it was because of the wine and thus being less inhibited, I then went on to reply that when you get right down to it, most Americans don't really care...
Losers sit around whining about why they're losing.

Winners shut up and win.


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