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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Logging And Environmentalism

The Enviro-nutjobs have it easy. All they have to say is: Save our forests! Stop logging! and people line up to support them. It's far to easy to paint the image of men and ugly yellow machines tearing up pristine forests in the name of dirty money-grubbing.

Unfortunately, there is often little-to-no logic to back up the Environmentalists' claims that logging will destroy our forests. As a matter of fact, there is ample evidence that logging reduces the risk of forest fires (and no, it's not because we remove the forest, smart guy!). Looking for evidence? Try Tom Daschle's little underhanded (and hypocritical) piece of legislation on logging.

Anyway, this was all brought to mind by this story:

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - The Bush administration Monday proposed lifting a national rule that closed remote areas of national forests to logging, instead saying states should decide whether to keep a ban on road-building in those areas. Environmentalists immediately criticized the change as the biggest timber industry giveaway in history.
Two quick reasons why we should allow logging: 1) The Federal government should not be telling states what to do with they land and 2) Logging really does decrease the risk of forest fires (saving not only trees but also those far less important things life property and human life).

Maybe some day the Environmentalists will wake up and realize that human beings do not harm the environment with every single thing we do, and in some cases our action can both help the environment and ourselves. What a novel thought...huh?


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