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Friday, June 02, 2006


But We Only Want Your Guns!

Well, at least until we have them. Then we'll get to work blaming other inanimate objects (for example) for the violence they so obviously cause:

A legal challenge has been raised against plans to for a total ban on glasses in Glasgow's pubs and clubs.

The Scottish Beer and Pub Association (SBPA) has lodged papers at the Court of Session opposing the enforced use of toughened or plastic glasses.

The licensing board agreed on the ban, which will be rolled out in January, to reduce injuries from violence.

Glass was banned in pubs and clubs with late night entertainment licences earlier this year.
So, once they ban all objects that could cause harm (e.g., baseball bats, machetes, knives, chain saws, candle stick holders, etc.) what's left? Will those looking out for the serfs' safety require installation and 'safe storage' of all dentures so that no more tragic 'biting attacks' can ruin even one more innocent's life? Eh, why not.

Amazing. Amazingly sad.

(via The War on Guns)


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