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Thursday, October 07, 2004


WMDs in Fallujah?

Randy Taylor at the Norteast Intelligence Network has posted an interesting theory about why Terrorists still control Fallujah (via JYB):

This brings the subject of the city of Fallujah to the forefront. Fallujah is barely a city by most standards, as it is relatively small in size resembling more of a town than a city. But for some reason this relatively small area of real estate has not been invaded, occupied or liberated by US forces. Since the time the invasion began and after the fall of Baghdad this remote sand box called Fallujah has been a symbol of outright murder, resistance, as well as the command center for terrorist activities housing some notorious terrorists namely Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who is a chief Al-Qaeda figurehead orchestrating murder and terrorist activities throughout the region.

What is so important about Fallujah? It bears no geographical importance, nor is it a noted religious or sacred place comparable to Karbala. So what exactly is in Fallujah that made it an area that the insurgents chose to defend so desperately? If the Marines and Army engineers have constructed berms around the city* and have patrols working the perimeter, then why are there so many weapons and insurgent personnel making their way into the surrounded city? Is it possible that there are routes and tunnels in and out of that city that our forces are totally unaware of? If so, then why would it be unreasonable to assume that a good portion of the unaccounted for Weapons of Mass Destruction are located within this area? Perhaps this is why the insurgents are fighting so hard to keep the US and coalition forces out of the city. Perhaps this is why the murderous Al Qaeda swine Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has chosen this as his stronghold and command center. Are the US Forces aware of the possibility that these weapons are located here? Are we hesitant to invade because to do so may cause these weapons to be unleashed on our forces?
An interesting theory, although as far as I know unsupported by solid evidence. I guess we'll find out when we finally wipe the desert with these dirtbags. Either way, we're going to eventually find that Saddam had more WMDs than the Left wants you to believe. I just hope Bush is still in the WH when they come to light.


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