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Sunday, October 10, 2004


The Running Conservative

The Running Conservative is a blog I just ran into (via Snugg Harbor's suggestion). The blogger behind is site is a 15-year old named Kate. Let's just say that reading TRC has totally and completely humbled me. I'm not sure I write as well as she does right now...and I know she has me beat in an age-adjusted match up. And...on top of all that she's an extremely bright, motivated and confident Conservative. Here's my favorite post so far:

All right. I'm breaking the "don't talk about school because it's boring" pact I made with myself. Today was certainly not boring.



Biology. We were talking about animal cells, and somehow the conversation slid over to cancer.

Out of nowhere, Mr. Mackerley said, "Wouldn't it be nice if instead of wasting money over in Iraq we were using it for cancer research?"

Excuse me?

Calmly I raised my hand, and luckily I got called on.

"Are you saying that it's not worth it to fight terrorism?"

"Well, Iraq didn't have the terrorists, heck, Saddam didn't even have the weapons of mass destruction."

I. Was. Livid.
Read the rest. Not only does she challenge her teacher in the middle of class (when he threw out an off-hand comment completely off-topic), but she also takes it to him with (tada!) facts.

There are very few things that give me more hope for the future of this country than finding a young adult ready and willing to stand up to challenges from anyone, anywhere, anytime. Go check out her blog and help get those pesky SiteMeter stats up where they belong.


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