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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Draft? What Draft?

I love this! Finally, someone in the Republican Party found the other half of their legislative brain and...

House defeats bill to reintroduce draft

GOP hopes to quash rumors of its return

Washington -- Persistent election-year rumors that President Bush has a secret plan to reinstate the draft if he is re-elected led Republican House leaders Tuesday to force a vote that overwhelmingly rejected a bill to reinstate conscription.
And the best part is here. Please note that the very sponser of the bill (that piece of crap Charlie Rangle) didn't even vote for his own fear-mongering bill. Will everyone now drop all this draft talk?

(Thanks to The Command Post for both links)


AAAAAAHHHH! This is the sort of thing that makes my physically angry. As in the people at the LA Times are lucky I'm 3,000 miles away (via The Jawa Report):

Republicans Glad to Lose on Bill to Start New Draft

Let me get this straight. Charlie Rangle (D NY) introduces a bill to bring back the draft. Then it comes to a vote and is defeated with only 2 Yeas. Then the LA Times says that REPUBLICANS are glad to LOSE on the bill to start the new draft??!!

Are you kidding me? What the flying ___ is going on here? Is there anyone out there with the cajones to say that there is no liberal bias in the media? What the in the living Hell did Republicans have to do with the freaking bill? How did they lose? Please someone tell me!


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