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Wednesday, August 04, 2004


The Power To Produce

I realize this is completely random, but I just love Liberty Haven. They have amazing articles and excerpts, and I love the daily quotes. Remember this the next time you hear someone complaining that we should force companies to ___ (fill in the blank):

Trade and Productivity

(4 August 2004)

The Rule to remember is that what hurts consumers hurts business, and what hurts business hurts proficiency. After all, what is proficiency? Simply the power to produce. The power to produce is best determined by free trade, and not by bureaucratic decree. The power to produce is a corollary of the power to trade. Thus the more trade the more production, and the more production the more trade.

Protection, on the other hand, is aimed at the power to trade. In this, the protectionist government does indeed aid some industries, but only at the expense of all industry. Under protection, all domestic industry is deprived of markets at home and abroad. All domestic industry is hurt by the higher costs of labor and materials. Thus by restricting the power to trade and locking in inefficiency, the protectionist government restricts the power to produce.

This means, in turn, that consumers will have less, for production constitutes the sole means of consumption. The power to produce, after all, is the power to consume.


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