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Monday, August 02, 2004


Good News For America...

...Bad News For Kerry.

As I've said before, the Democrats put themselves in a position to profit when bad things happen to America. Fortunately, that also means that when things are going well for us, things start to go bad for the Democrats. Case in point:

US factories enter longest stretch of rapid growth in 30 years

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The American manufacturing sector sped up activity in July, cementing the longest stretch of rapid growth in more than 30 years, a survey showed.


Democratic presidential challenger John Kerry (news - web sites) has seized on job losses, a middle class "squeeze" and record deficits in the administration's budgets to argue that Bush has mismanaged the US economy.
Although I would argue that it's difficult to any one person (except Alan Greenspan, of course) to have much effect on the economy...it would be very hard indeed to convince any thinking individual that Bush has hurt the economy. With any luck the truth will come through loud and clear between now and November.

In order to win:

The President needs the truth to be known and for good things to happen to America.

Kerry needs is to lie (and hide the truth) and for bad things to happen to America.

Who do you want leading the country?


For example, do you want a man leading the United States of America who could be described as unthinkingly as this:

Kerry has embraced all the recommendations to improve homeland security suggested by the Sept. 11 commission...
Seriously, all of the Commission's recommendations? I think that might be just a bit rash and...well...stupid.

I can't help myself. I must point out an absolutely stupid and misleading statement by this 'journalist':

Bush said he wants the intelligence chief to be outside White House authority.
Really?! Outside White House authority, huh? Here's what Bush really said:

"I will hire the person and I can fire the person," Bush told reporters in the Rose Garden. "I don't think that the office should be in the White House, however, I think it should be a stand-alone group to better coordinate."
Does that sound even remotely like outside WH control to you?

And finally...

Democratic candidate John Kerry accused President Bush of encouraging terrorist recruitment with policies that have made the world angry at the United States...
The question I have for Mr. Kerry, in light of this comment, is:

What did President Bush do on or before September 10th, 2001 to make "the world angry at the United States" and encourage terrorist recruitment?

Hum? Folks, it's just another pitiful example of the Blame America First group-think. After all, we're fat, stupid, lazy and we lead the world in just about everything. Oh...and (as my Dad likes to point out) people strap inner tubes together and hop in the Caribbean, risking drowning and death from lack of water, to get here. Man, we suck.


Polipundit has a good analysis of some of the Left's oft-cited (and horribly misleading) economic numbers. Take a look, you won't be disappointed (unless, of course, you dislike America).


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