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Tuesday, July 13, 2004



Charlie Rangel was arrested today outside the Sudanese embassy in NYC while protesting the genocide taking place in that country. To start with, I think this is the first useful thing I've ever heard of this guy doing. Good for him.

The question I've got is: Where the Hell has everybody been on this one?!

Here are a few stories, be sure to check out the dates:

Sudan jihad forces Islam on Christians (2002)
Women refusing to convert gang-raped, mutilated, says relief worker.
Religion of peace, remember?

The National Islamic Front is employing murder, rape, and torture to eradicate Christianity from Sudan. Christian villages are burned to the ground and raided. Christian men are killed. Christian women are enslaved and raped. Christian children are sold into slavery. Priests are tortured, imprisoned, and even crucified. Since 1983, more than one million Sudanese Christians have been killed. (emphasis added)
The Sudan Slave Story
From 1983, it is estimated that at least two million people have been killed in this genocide, mostly Christians, for sure civilians. (emphasis added)
Notice a pattern? These stories range from a few years ago to two decades ago!! And...notice the religions. Why aren't we hearing about these atrocities? Could it be because it's Muslims killing Christians?

Which is worse and more news-worthy: 2 million dead people ("mostly Christians") or a few pictures of admittedly humiliating things being done to prisoners in, say, a prison run by Americans? Humm? Which?

Yeah, and which do we hear about constantly? And which is labeled an "atrocity"? This is an awful situation in the Sudan and nobody has given a crap for 20 freaking years! Absolutely amazing.


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