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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


The Red Hunter

I have just found a new blog (by way of the Comments) and I like what I see. I have added The Red Hunter to the Blog Roll. Here's a bit:

1) The entire "sanctions regime" with its "no fly zones" was simply untenable over the long term. The situation unstable and bound to fail sooner or later. There are several reasons for this:

The first is that memories fade. Saddam's invasion of Kuwait becomes ancient history, while the suffering of the Iraqi people because of the sanctions dominated the Arab media. Saddam and his regime seemed to prosper under the sanctions while his people suffered. Because of this resentment towards the U.S. had been building throughout the '90s. There were many who felt that it would be better to significantly ease or even end the sanctions altogether.

And indeed under the UN sanctions the Iraqi people were suffering. At the end of the 1991 Gulf War economic sanctions were imposed on Iraq, the idea being that Saddam would not be able to rebuild his military and WMD programs. So that the Iraqi people would not suffer, the UN set up a program called "Oil for Food". Iraq would be allowed to sell limited amounts of oil, with the proceeds going for necessities such as food and medicine. As it turned out, much of the money was diverted to either military uses or for building more palaces for Saddam. It is also suspected that Saddam bribed dozens of people, including across the world under what is becoming known as the Oil-for-Food scandal.

Check him out.


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