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Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Poor Big Media

Humm...I wonder if the Media Elite are getting a little defensive? Here's what they have to say about Bloggers at the Conventions (via The Command Post...Michelle Malkin also as something to say on this topic.):

But neither party has ever allowed bloggers to cover one of its presidential conventions firsthand -- and the decision seems to promise a clash of two very different cultures. The conventions have become carefully staged productions intended, primarily, to reintroduce the parties' nominees to the general public. Independent blogs -- especially those focusing on politics -- are far more freewheeling, their authors mixing fact with opinion and under no obligation to be either fair or accurate. (emphasis added)
Really. So, by implication then, we can all assume that the high minded (or is it high handed) Media Elite are under some obligation to be both fair and accurate? Please don't make me laugh...milk is likely to come spurting out my nose, and that's never pleasant.

Are bloggers fair and accurate? Not as a group...but then neither are those in Big Media. Everyone has their biases. Bloggers are no different. The thing about bloggers that is different is that we are under no obligation to make our liberal bosses and coworkers happy by dumping on Bush, the Iraq war and anything Conservative. Sorry if that upsets the Washington (com)Post.

I, for one, can't wait to find out which bloggers are going to be covering the Conventions. This could turn out to be quite an eye-opening experience.


Wizbang has some info on Bloggers being invited (and uninvited) to the Conventions:

Minutes after I posted this I learned that Bill at INDC Journal got invited to the convention, which put a dent in my theory. As I was working on an update, I got a note from Bill showing that the DNCC has been studying the Kerry waffling technique. They invited him before they didn't invite him. Bill details the whole thing here. The alleged reason for the uninvitation? Space issues...

Update 2:

Cyberjournalist.net is keeping track of which Bloggers are being invited to the Conventions (via Wizbang et al.)

Update 3:

The Command Post is linking to BuzzMachine indicating that they didn't make the cut for the Dem's convention.


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