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Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Media Bias?

We hear all the time about how 'slanted to the Right' Fox News is. Drudge is now reporting the following:


Dem presidential hopeful John Kerry quietly consulted with DISNEY Chairman George Mitchell over vice presidential picks, it has been learned.

Kerry reached out to Mitchell for advice and counsel on VP options, sources explain. The DISNEY chairman's responsibilities include the ABC-TV Network and ABCNEWS...
Now, am I supposed to just sit down, shut up and believe that George Mitchell has absolutely no control over ABC-TV or ABCNEWS?

I readily admit that Rupert Murdoch is a Conservative and has actually backed Bush for reelection. However, to my knowledge, he was not taking an active part in Presidential politics to the extent that George Mitchell is.

So, it would seem a bit unfair of the Left to constantly cry that Fox News is slanted to the Right because the owner is Conservative while Mr. Mitchell's networks are perfectly objective even though he's a Liberal.

Yet another example of both Media Bias and Liberal Elitism.


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