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Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Citizen Smash In Action!

Citizen Smash (aka Scott Koenig and Indepundit) is a blogger of some note who happens to be in the military and has a good head planted on his shoulders. Here is a great account of a recent run-in between the forces of pro-freedom and anti-freedom (via Cold Fury):


I NOTICED four people from the peace group preparing to display an unusually long banner, so I decided to check it out for myself. Putting on my “friendly face,” I slipped in behind them to take a peek.

“What you got there?” I asked, looking over the top of the banner.

It was a series of photographs, most of them formal portraits of soldiers in uniform. It took a moment to register, but then I was hit by a wave of rage. “These are servicemen who died in Iraq!”

“That’s right,” replied the middle-aged woman standing closest to me.

“I know two of these guys – they were my friends! YOU CAN’T DO THIS!”

“What do you mean, we can’t do this?”

“Did you get permission from their families to use their photos? You don’t speak for them – these men did not die for your cause!”

“No, they died for OIL.”
You can probably imagine where this one is headed, and it is definitely worth reading the whole post.

As I have been remiss in not added the Citizen to the blog roll, I have now rectified the situation.


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