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Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Fox News Fires Back At LA Times

Drudge reports that Roger Ailes is returning rhetorical fire after John Carroll's speech blasting Fox News for "pseudo-journalism". Here's a bit:

Ailes adds, "Mr. Carroll's pathetic attempt to smear Fox News Channel will only drive his paper's circulation down, as it should. Fox News Channel's audience in Los Angeles is increasing daily. The Los Angeles Times is becoming less relevant in people's lives, so Mr. Carroll is trying to flog health back to a newspaper by attacking television news. ... He owes the fine journalists at the Fox News Channel an apology for his insulting comments. However, we will never see that. He treated Fox News Channel worse in his newspaper than he treated the terrorists who recently beheaded an American. But of course, he sees Fox News as more dangerous."

I happen to agree. It really does seem that many of the Media Elite see America (let along Fox News) as a greater threat to the world than terrorism, despotism or even liberalism (thanks, Mr. Hannity =)). Although I have to include Fox News in some of my recent ratings (specifically with respect to the Nick Berg video issues), they have done us all a major service.

I seem to recall the old days, before Fox News came along, when CNN would interview 'experts.' An interview on a given topic would involve a single such expert, giving his or her side (oops, I meant the objective side) of the argument. Fox News came along and started doing tandem interviews, with one person supporting a given position. They went beyond that and created an entire show specifically pitting Right vs. Left (Hannity and Colmes). I know, I know...Crossfire. That was a good show in its day...but now it has fallen far from Television News Analysis Grace (as indicated by its current timeslot) and even in its heyday it was the only meager attempt of which I am aware in which CNN tried to present both sides.

With any luck Fox News and the new media (centered squarely around the Internet) will force the old bastions of liberalism masquerading as objectivism into admitting who they really are. This being accomplished might just literally save the free world.


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