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Saturday, May 22, 2004


Roll The Media Bias Clip Please

I've been bitten by the Media Bias Bug even more than usual lately. So...let me alert you to this bit of (secondary) blog-reporting by a new blogger in Egypt that the media (Middle Eastern AND Western) are apparently not bothering with (hat tip New England Republican):

It seems that bad news only get the most coverage. Today something significant happened that received no coverage whatsoever from the 2 main Arab propaganda satellite channels. A group of senior clerics in Najaf sent a harsh worded letter to Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the radical Lebanese Shia group Hizbollah, accusing him of telling half the truth when he accused only the US forces of desecrating the holy shrines in Najaf and Karbala. The letter mentioned that Al Sadr’s militias fought from inside the shrines, it even went further to accuse Al Sadr’s men of shooting at the shrine’s doom and intimidating Sistani’s group by spraying his house with bullets.

To be cautious, this is a very new blog (i.e., just about as old as my own), and I have no independent confirmation that this person is who he says he is. So, take it with a grain of salt if you will.


NRO has a great piece on Media bias. Check it out.

Update 2:

The NYT has an article entitled Prison Interrogations in Iraq Seen as Yielding Little Data on Rebels. Here's a great example of the bias that the NYT continues to insert into their so-called reporting:

Many of the prisoners in that cellblock spent months in Abu Ghraib, and some became victims of horrific abuse at the hands of the military police.

Did they just refer to abuses at Abu Ghraib with the word horrific? If that term is to be applied to what was done by our soliders, how would the NYT describe what went on before the liberation? Saddam wasn't playing pattycake with (and this is important) innocent people. We all agree that what went on at Abu Ghraib was bad and should be punished, but I'm sick of the Liberal Media redefining our words for us.


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