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Sunday, May 23, 2004



Did anyone else catch tonight's Simpsons? Lisa started up her own newspaper to counter Burns buying up all the media outlets in Springfield. The upshot was that the whole town was inspired to publish their own newspapers. Homer made a (paraphrased) comment:

Now instead of having one idiot controlling all of the media, we have a thousand idiots spewing their useless opinions.

I'm more than happy to be one of the idiots spewing my useless opinions =).

--cue cheesy theme music--

So long as Media Tyranny rears its ugly head...
So long as Uniform Opinion dominates the evening news...
So long as Rehashed 24-Hour News Cycles bore us to tears...
There will be Bloggers to pick up the slack and find the truth!

--fading shot of Blogger riding into sunset--


Here's a real life example of a blog not only dispersing ideas, but also catapulting the blogger to new, exciting and unexpected heights. Oh, and also overcome the liberal academic elite.

In my case, I was able to formulate ideas and thoughts regarding a wide variety of issues, then get them out to a far wider and certainly much more diverse range of people. Ideas that gained readers in significant places, and brought a Kansas army brat to a major Washington think-tank. Is blogging a replacement for our current channels of public discourse? No. Still, I do think that by we have been more than able to ensure that ideas, concepts, and positions can no longer be shouted down or excluded the way that they once were.

Amen brother. Keep on puttin' those opinions out there!


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