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New London Update (2/24/06)
Coverage of the Rally at New London's City Hall (w/ pics)

Monday, June 05, 2006


More New London Craziness

I am currently restraining myself from breaking things. Bizzyblog has the skinny:

Finally, Scott also brought up one incredibly important point from many years ago that I was not aware of: A building I previously did not know about, The Italian Dramatic Club, was exempted from eminent domain, and is staying. Accordingly I have added it to the map:
Head over there to see the location of this apparently indispensable club. Now, you might be curious as to why, exactly, this one club was allowed to stay while the peons were kicked to the curb. Wonder no longer (via Bizzyblog):

Among the Italian Dramatic Club’s patrons was former Connecticut Gov. John Rowland, who helped direct much of the State funding for the NLDC’s work in New London and who resigned in June 2004 amid an ethics scandal.
Un-freaking-believable. The blaringly obvious question here is why, after following this story for so long, have I yet to hear about this little social club? Hum? What the hell The Day doing that's so important that they missed getting this juicy bit of into one of their many stories? Makes a guy think that the conspiracy theorists are onto something. (Just to prove I'm not just missing the boat, searching for "Italian Dramatic Club" new london via Google News gives zero results.)

I know I already said it, but this is absolutely un-freaking-believable. Our countrymen are going to have their property stolen from them under the (very credible) threat of physical violence while this pissant little group of 'politically connected' POSs get to keep their club. Does anyone out there still want to argue that this is anything other than an outright, egregious abuse of power?


There is a meeting this evening. If you're in the area go and support the last three homeowners standing up for liberty.

New London City Council Meeting
Monday, June 5, 2006
7 p.m.
181 State Street
New London, CT 06320


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