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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Bad News

But not unexpected:

NEW LONDON, Conn. --City officials voted Monday night to begin eviction proceedings against residents who refuse to leave their riverfront homes, signaling the end may be near in an eminent domain dispute that reached the U.S. Supreme Court.

The City Council approved the action 5-2, authorizing the city attorney to take the necessary steps, including possible court action, to evict the remaining two families and obtain the properties. A lawyer for the families said they are considering continuing their battle with the city.
At this point there are only two people still fighting this thing, Susette Kelo and Michael Cristofaro as William Von Winkle agreed to settle just prior yesterday's meeting (of all people, I don't blame him as his son was recently killed).

I don't know what's going to happen now. It's entirely possible that civil disobedience (as Scott Bullock suggests in the article) might crystallize. If it does, there will certainly be arrests (there's the potential for violence) and maybe, just maybe the city will relent.

But even if the city backs down, making it appear that Susette and Michael (and the rest of their countrymen) have won, I don't believe for a second that they'll get to live happily ever after. I think they've pissed off enough powerful people that someone with the means to do so will make their lives difficult. Just a guess, and I hope I'm wrong. Only time, and a few brave individuals, will tell.


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