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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Sonic Hedgehog Teenage Deterrent

Does anybody else find this creepy?

Shopkeepers in central England have been trying out a new device that emits an uncomfortable high-pitched noise designed to disperse young loiterers outside their stores without bothering adults.
"The noise can normally only be heard by those between 12 and 22 and it makes the listener feel uncomfortable," she added.

Once in their early 20s, people lose their capacity to hear sounds at such a high pitch.

"It is controlled by the shopkeepers. If they can see through their window that there is a problem, they turn the device on for a few minutes until the group has dispersed," Davies said.
Totally aside from any potential abuse, this thing is just plain creepy.

Seems to me that there might be a better way of solving this problem, in just two easy steps: 1) enforce laws against, as they say, yobs doing yobby things and 2) stop preventing people from defending themselves. But hey, what do I know...I'm just an ugly American.


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