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Friday, February 10, 2006


More On The (Proposed) Repeal of the CT Car Tax

Today's Hartford Courant has a follow up article on Gov. Rell's proposed slight of hand tax cuts. The majority of the discussion makes me realize I'd never make it as a politican. Well, maybe I could make it, but I'd have to find some public funds to pay for a personal assistant who could feed me by hand because there's no way my hands would ever again feel clean enough to touch my own food. Just read it, you'll see what I mean.

The article goes into some details about Rell's plan, but I think it's pretty much all summed up in the very last paragraph (but, of course, readers of this blog are ahead of the curve because you got the bottom line from yours truly two days ago):

"To characterize this new grant as a significant increase in state aid to municipalities is a bit curious, as the proposal really is a substitution of one source of revenue for towns [the car tax] for another [reimbursement of towns by the state for the loss of car tax revenue]," the group said. "The towns' financial position is not significantly changed" from the current system.
It took a "think tank" to figure that out? Welcome to election year politics.


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