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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Hey Rowland, Wanna Go Out For A Beer?

Oh, never mind:

HARTFORD -- Ex-Gov. John G. Rowland returned to his West Hartford rental home Monday afternoon and checked in with federal probation officials to begin his four months of post-prison home confinement.
Although it's not mentioned in this article, I caught a news report this morning on the radio alerting me to the breaking story that Rowland claims his days in politics are over. Thanks for the update John.


You know, this whole thing still pisses me off. I know politicians are generally slimy (with very few exceptions), but it still gets my blood boiling when I think about the betrayal of our trust and the pettiness of his crimes. If his post-confinement quotes are sincere, looking through the bars may very well have allowed him to see the light...but then he is a politician:

"The hardest part for me was knowing how hard it was on my family. Whatever day I was having was not nearly as bad as the effect it was having on my wife and kids," he said. "It doesn't matter what the food is, it doesn't matter what the routine is, it doesn't matter whether I can do something or not do something ... the hardest part is being away from your family and not being able to be part of their lives on a daily basis."
So...what you're saying is that a few 'free' vacations and a new deck (or whatever) on your cottage weren't worth 10 months hanging with the homies in the clink? Well, thanks for the update you POS. Turns out there are literally millions of people in this country (and world, for that matter) who have managed figure out right from wrong without the benefit of being a dirtbag.

For the record:

Technically, Rowland pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to deprive the state of "the intangible right to the honest services of its governor" and other public officials. In plain English, that means that he and Chief of Staff Peter Ellef steered more than $100 million in no-bid contracts to companies controlled by the Tomasso family. Tomasso, in turn, gave Rowland free and cut-rate vacations and improvements to his cottage in Litchfield County. Rowland also admitted to not paying more than $35,000 in federal taxes on that ill-gotten swag. Federal prosecutors indicted Ellef and the Tomassos in September.


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