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Wednesday, November 09, 2005



Donald Sensing has a great, if somewhat disturbing, post over at One Hand Clapping. Here's a bit:

...Muslims in Europe are living as a minority in a secular society, something that Muslims have never done before.

There is nothing in Islam that instructs Muslims how to do that. From Mohammed’s day until now, Islam has always assumed that it would rule the societies in which it existed. Indeed, correct Muslim living actually depends on living among a Muslim ummah.
It would appear that, at least given a strict understanding of Islam, that Muslims living in a 'Classically Western Liberal' country can choose to be separatist or dominating, but never coexisting and pluralistic.

The scary thing is that we 'Classical Western Liberals' will not likely decide to kick a group of people out of our country based on their religious beliefs, particularly if those religious beliefs do not appear to present us with a direct physical threat. So what's one to do when Muslims of the fundamental stripe become a numerical majority one's country? Not a happy thought.


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