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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Movies Made Worth Watching

Well, maybe they really would be more boring, but I could go for a dose of reality every now and again:

A lot of movies would be pretty short when practical, real-world gun usage came into play. Consider the lack of suspense and drama if proper gun usage was depicted in the following movies:

Cujo: "Oh no, I'm trapped in my car by a large, rabid dog. Where did I put my Glock?"
Fargo: "Oh no, two men have broken into my house and are trying to kidnap me. How will I get their bloodstains out of my carpet???"
Friday the 13th: "If I can't actually kill Jason, he's going to look pretty damn funny walking around after I blow his head off with a 12 gauge."
Silence of the lambs: "Clarice, the man you are looking for is dead. He was shot by his last intended victim. Do you have any fava beans?"
The Fugitive: "Good thing my wife was able to shoot her one-armed attacker. He was trying to murder her and frame me for it."
And while we're on the topic, some good news today. Now let's see how effective the law really is. We'll see.


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