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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Miers Withdraws

Since this is going to be all over the place, I'll just add one thought about a bit of misrepresentation in this article:

The nomination drew fire across the political spectrum and caused a rebellion among the conservative core of Bush's supporters who doubted her qualifications and wanted a nominee who they felt would be a reliable vote against abortion, affirmative actions and other hot- button issues.
Yes, it is true that many Conservatives "doubted her qualifications". However, while there were likely some Conservatives who wanted a "reliable vote" on their pet issues, real Conservatives were and are far more interested in getting a nominee who will exercise judicial restraint.

I know that a lot of people see the Supreme Court, and the entire Judicial Branch, as just another means to the end of attaining policy goals. That outlook is 100% wrong.

The Judicial Branch of our government should be in the business of strictly interpretating the laws and Constitution as they are written. If there really were, for example, an explicit right to abortion enumerated in the Constitution, Bill of Rights or any other amendment, then there would be no room for argument. As there is not, I would like to see the Supreme Court, and entire Judicial Branch, take the time and have the intellectual honesty to just read while refraining from inserting their own values into their rulings.

A dream? Perhaps today, but if Bush manages to find a worthy nominee, maybe I'll live to see a US Supreme Court that has rediscovered it's Constitutionally defined role in our Federal government.


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