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New London Update (2/24/06)
Coverage of the Rally at New London's City Hall (w/ pics)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


New London Meeting Rescheduled For Tonight

Update (9/20/05 1:25pm):

The meeting has been rescheduled. It will be held at the New London High School, 490 Jefferson Ave in New London at 7:30pm.

End Update:

Last night was a busy and eventful one in New London. The short story is that the City Council meeting was canceled and rescheduled for tonight. The long story is best told by the video (you'll need Real Player to watch it).

I'll summarize. There was a City Council meeting scheduled for last night to vote on a 'no confidence' proposal against the NLDC's leadership. The meeting, as usual, was to be held in City Hall. And, as usual, there was a large rally held outside the Hall preceding the meeting. The City Council apparently assumed that there wouldn't be too many people interested in attending the meeting, and so they decided to hold the meeting in a room that can hold only 49 people. The reason for the small capacity is that the fire escape is broken, and has been since July.

The upshot was a bunch of angry people unable to attend a public meeting. It was so chaotic that one woman was arrested and even City Councilmen were initially turned away from the meeting due to overcrowding. And, in what I think was probably the worst move by the City Council (from their prespective), the media were turned away from the meeting. Regardless of the actual reason for the inadequate capacity, it is all too easy to question to motives of the Council. Rescheduling was probably the best decision they've made in a while, and may have avoided even more serious problems.

All in all, I'd say it is beginning. I think the events in New London last night are but a prelude to real problems, particularly if the City Council and NLDC continue to be unresponsive to the people of the city. I truly hope that this ever-more-contentious issue is resolved peacefully, but it seems that people are losing patience with their elected officials.

To the people of New London and all their supporters, I urge everyone to keep things civil. This is not the time for those opposed to abuses of eminent domain to be seen as an unruly mob. So please, if you plan to attend the meeting rescheduled for tonight, bring your voice, your opinions, and most importantly of all, the facts. Remember, we are right, and we will prevail because this country is based on the Rule of Law and the Will of the People. No two-bit City Council and their hired guns are going to prevail against our Right to own and keep property our property.

So, call City Hall sometime after 11am today (9/20/05) to find out where the meeting will be held tonight (it is scheduled for 7:30pm). No number was given in The Day article, so I would try calling the City Manager at (860) 447-5201. If that doesn't work, call any number you can find from the City's website. I'll update this later if I figure out which number to call.

The video is linked above, but here it is again, and here is the coverage from The Day (subscription required).


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