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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Pity The Once Mighty Britons

I know I've been ringing this bell often lately, but I truly feel for independent-minded people in Briton (there must be some, right?). I've pointed out story after story about various and sundry aspects of British life that are heading either down the proverbial tubes or spiraling towards some sort of Orwellian nightmare world.

Today I ran across Andrew Stuttaford piece at NRO that has only increased the British pity level:

The Trouble with Tony
Don’t be so enamored with Blair.

It can be a lonely business being a critic of Tony Blair in this country — outside, at least, the fever swamps of the far Left. Speaking at a crowded debate in downtown Manhattan last week, my myopic eyes could only find one brave individual who agreed that the British prime minister did not deserve reelection As my solitary supporter (thanks Myrna!) writes for NRO, I suspect kindness to a beleaguered colleague played no small part in this welcome gesture of support. Perhaps my feeble, muttered oratory was to blame, or was it the arguments skillfully marshaled by my opponent? Maybe, but it’s just as likely that this result was mainly a reflection of the American infatuation with Tony, the saint, the hero, the Churchill with hair, but no cigar.
If you're interested in how Tony Blair looks from an informed UK perspective, give this a read. For my money, I would still choose him because he is the international statesman that we in the US needed. I do, however, realize and accept that this argument should carry just as much weight in the UK as any international opinion does here in any election forever and always.


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