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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Some Get It And Some Don't

The National Association of Broadcasters just had a conference in Vegas. A short article on just a few comments made by big name network types pretty much says it all. First up the one who gets it -- Sam Donaldson:

"God forbid, if someone shot the President, which network would you turn to? It will be cable, the Internet--something other than General Hospital being interrupted."

Increasingly, viewers will continue turning to alternative sources for everyday news as well, he said.

Now, for the one who doesn't get it -- Charles Osgood:

Osgood said the network news can remain competitive with other platforms but must be constantly reevaluated to remain competitive--a fact that makes him glad he's at the tail end of his career rather than the beginning. "It used to be when we wanted to make a show more appealing to more people, the first thing we did was design a new set."
Ok, so I fibbed. He at least "gets it" insofar as he understands that things are getting really rough for network news. He is, however, painfully ignorant of something. Maybe it's just that he doesn't have the capacity to feel embarrassment. Thing about the quote and what it implies about the old days. Truly pitiful...in more than a few ways.


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